Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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What is extra virgin olive oil? Learn everything you need to know about olive oil and its health benefits.


Balsamic Vinegar

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Our balsamic vinegars are gluten-free, kosher, organic, and free from dyes.


Our Bakery

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The Southern Olive Bakery sells healthy bakery goods made from the best ingredients.


Welcome to the Southern Olive

We are a locally-owned store in the Publix Cross Creek Shopping Center across from Indian Land Elementary on Hwy 521. Please come visit us to taste and compare over 70 varieties of premium imported extra virgin olive oils, all-natural, GMO-free, aged balsamic vinegars and specialty oils.

We offer a wide range of organic-flavored fused and infused extra virgin olive oils. We source olive oils from both the northern and southern hemisphere. Each half produces once a year making our oils as fresh as possible. Our olives are grown and pressed by artisans and small farms throughout the world and are 100% extra virgin, unfiltered and settled.

Our balsamic vinegars are aged up to 18 years in oak barrels and are harvested directly in Modena, Italy. All of our oils and vinegars are imported to our store in Indian Land and bottled on site.

All of our pasta varieties are handmade with the freshest of ingredients when ordered and shipped directly to our store to sell. We will have various samples throughout the month for you to try the flavorful, all-natural, pastas.

All of our bakery items are baked fresh on-site. All of our coffee is roasted fresh when ordered and shipped directly to us immediately after so we use the freshest of beans to serve to our customers. We will keep small quantities each week to maintain the freshness.

Please let us share our healthy, delicious, food discoveries and see for yourself how you feel after a few minor tweaks in your daily eating. We look forward to partnering with you!

Healthy eating is quality living!

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