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Playfully tart and pleasantly sweet, our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic has a perfectly balanced acidity and a crisp, lemon flavor and aroma. Fabulous with seafood, in dressings or in a mixed drink. 4% acidity

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Product Description

From sweet dessert creams and heavenly meringues to savory chicken, pasta, and bread, the possibilities are endless with this pleasantly sweet, yet decidedly sharp lemon flavor. Top this bottle with one of our self-closing pour spouts! It is the perfect accessory as this balsamic will never be too far from your reach.
Cook down for a sugary dessert show stopper
Seafood extraordinaire
Fantastic with fruit salads
Superior in vinaigrettes
Splash into your favorite mocktail or cocktail
Poultry pleaser 
Excellent over fish


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