Keto Fudge Brownie


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(Gluten Free, No Sugar, Diabetic-Friendly, Low-Glycemic)

Contains cage-free Eggs, Cream Cheese, unsalted Butter, Organic raw cocoa powder, Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips, granulated erythritol, vanilla extract, baking soda, blanched almond flour

Each Brownie:
Serving size x 2
Net Carbs 2
Total Carbs 3
Fiber 1
Fat 17.6
Protein 3
Calories 204

We will include insulation and an ice pack as we do recommend items to be refrigerated upon receipt. Shelf life of our treats are up to 1 week but if refrigerated or frozen can increase the shelf life. (Can be refrigerated x 2 weeks, Can be frozen for 2 months)

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