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Honey and ginger play well together and bring a gentle, spicy heat which balances perfectly with the natural sweetness and moderate acidity of our Ultra Premium White Balsamic Vinegar. 4% acidity

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Product Description

Marinate cucumbers in this balsamic and serve alone or add to salad.
Use as an amazing marinade with Toasted Sesame Oil, Garlic Oil, Coconut Aminos.
Use in any stir fry dish or to flavor rice.
Great on fruit or lettuce salad.
Add to bottled or sparkling water for a refreshing flavor.
Combine with Blood Orange, Persian Lime or Lemon Olive Oil for a fantastic chicken marinade.
Mix 1 shot of Honey Ginger and 1 shot of Not Your Father’s Vanilla Bourbon for a cocktail.  (Optional:  add ginger ale)


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