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A little sweet with a pleasing amount of heat acidity – Use this to add a spicy kick to your marinades and dressings. Splash a little into ceviche, salsa or add to homemade BBQ sauce!  Lovely tossed with grilled vegetables and brushed onto poultry. 6% acidity

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Product Description

Warm-up your next meat marinade or add some sizzle to your ceviche. The explosion of flavor that this white Jalapeño Balsamic brings will revive any tired chicken or sausage recipe! Sweet, spicy, hot, and tart, you will use this vinegar in a slew of different culinary applications. 
The secret ingredient in your next margarita 
Pan sauce for your veggies
Steak and chicken fajita night!
Homemade tortilla chips? Yes, you can!
Splash or two on fresh fruit
Roasted corn will thank you
Veggies: all of them, grilled, roasted, baked, or fried; We love it with some brussels and bacon!


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