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We strive to use all Non-GMO flours and ingredients when possible. We do NOT use artificial food dyes, so please don’t expect your cake to be vibrant like the artificial dyes. We can use fondant for an upcharge if you want bright colors. We require a 72 hour notice on all orders unless it is something we keep in stock on a daily basis. If you are ordering a specialty item we don’t have in stock for next day, there is a $25 upcharge. If you are ordering for 2 days later (i.e. 48 hours) there is a $20 upcharge. Upcharges help to cover additional staffing required to accommodate creating your specialty. Thank you for understanding. We bake everything to order as we are an Artisan Bakery and we want to give each bakery order our undivided attention especially since we are dealing with food allergies.


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