Local Healthy Living, A story about us

My name is Nate. I’d like to tell you our story. My wife, Amber, and I are thrilled to share our passion with you. It all began about 3 years ago, when we were road tripping to visit my family. We made a stop in Albuquerque, NM, that seemed meaningless at the time just to stretch our legs. However, that one little detour would change the way we thought, the way we lived, and has now lead to a change in career. 

While passing through Albuquerque, Amber stepped into a little store devoted to olive oil. She was overwhelmed…from the smells and tastes, to the abundance of health-related information they provided, it was sensory overload. She eventually returned to the car, fourteen bottles in tow. 

She was more than delighted to relay everything she had learned to me…and so began the love affair. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. The deeper we dug, the more we learned that was directly applicable to our lives, and ultimately to the lives of anyone.

Amber has been practicing medicine for nearly 18 years now and my background is in global health. Being in fields that promote overall healthier living, we share a conscious mindset and it was easy for us to understand the health benefits and the importance of integrating oils and vinegars into our already healthy lifestyle. 

It didn’t take long for Amber to begin incorporating the importance of olive oil in the diet into her medical practice. Instead of attacking the symptoms, like medication, a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent certain diseases from ever occurring. THAT, we can stand behind.

We want to be the fence at the top of the cliff, not the ambulance at the bottom waiting for the crash to happen.

Our mission is to promote Local Healthy Living within the Indian Land community. We want to provide healthy options that were once hard to find. And we want to maintain an atmosphere that remains fertile for social and educational purposes alike. 

You will never see any of the usual suspects in our store: MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, or artificial preservatives. We can provide the groundwork for a healthier life. It can all start with one stop in a little store devoted to olive oil. 

Restore Wood Furniture with Olive Oil & Vinegar

Wondering what to do with that grocery store olive oil you just bought as you replace your less quality olive oils with our wonderful Ultra Premium EVOO?  Well I use it to polish my wood furniture.  I add a little essential oil like grapefruit, lemon, or orange which also freshens the house while I am massaging the oil into the wood.  See this link:

Olive Oil Helps Prevent Breast Cancer, Study Says

Click on Link and Read more:

Women allocated to the Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil showed a 62 percent relatively lower risk of malignant breast cancer than those allocated to the control diet.”

We Put Our Hearts into Our Infused Products!

There are no chemicals, artificial or synthetic ingredients used in any of our artisan infused products. We infuse our products using botanical extracts, concentrates, and essential oils from the finest ingredients. In many cases we work directly with the farms that grow and produce these products. We are proud to say that we put the same level of extreme attention to detail into our infused product lines as we do when working directly with UP certified extra virgin olive oil farms. In fact, we only infuse the freshest UP Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils to ensure maximum health benefit and flavor. 

Gorgeous Southern Hemisphere Crop

Our award winning partner estate in a mountainous rocky region of Chile. The cool coastal fog rolls in and creates an optimal micro-growing climate for UP high-phenol extra virgin olive oil.

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